our Services

1. Professional Tax Preparation.

Come into a MoreMoney Tax Returns, LLC office, to meet with a Tax Professional who can handle all your tax preparation needs. Our tax experts at MMTR can't wait to help you prepare and file your taxes. They'll take a 2nd and 3rd look to find every last tax deduction available so you get the most from your tax return.


2. Certified Notary Public.

Most people believe that notaries simply notarize signatures. This greatly oversimplifies the duties of a notary and their responsibilities. In carrying out his or her duties, a notary not only has to follow what is dictated in state law but exercises subjective judgment on matters such as the state of mind of the signer, the comprehension of the signer in a transaction, or whether fraud or coercion are present.
Notary duties vary by state but can include:
- Administer oaths and affirmations
- Take and certify the acknowledgment of a document
- Take and certify affidavits
- Take and certify depositions
- Issue protests of notes and bills
- Witness the opening of safe deposit boxes and certify a list of contents
- Perform civil marriage ceremonies

3. Online Filing.

Filing Just Made Easy! We at MoreMoney Tax Returns, LLC (MMTR) have implemented a new online filing system for your convenience. In the comfort of your home, you can fill out the online application and upload all necessary forms and one of our tax professionals will do all the heavy lifting, and will work to get you, your maximum return.
- Step1 Answer a few Questions about yourself?
- Step2 Upload relevant forms and documents?
- Step3 Submit information to our tax team.